Outdoor Playful Pedagogy Conference

with keynote presenter Rhys Andrews

Rhys spent most of his career in post-secondary environments, first as a forester teaching natural resource sciences, then in a number of administrative positions. Rhys is now a consultant for the post-secondary sector.  He spends as much time as he can playing and learning outdoors as he continues to look for ways to make the world a better place, and for more adventure.

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VOLUME 4, Issue 4, WINTER 2024

Embracing the Winter Wonderland

Bringing Back Outdoor Play to the Lives of Children

Delight & Math Outdoors in the Snow

The Magic of Playing on Ice in  Play Spaces

Other articles featured in this issue


Shifting ECE Post-Secondary Curriculum to Embrace Outdoor Pedagogy

Bringing Back Outdoor Plays to the Lives of Children

Where does Math Live Outdoors in the Mountains?

Cultivating Learning Landscapes 


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I always experience joy when I receive my copy of Play Outdoors. It is fresh, and has depth. I love the contributing writers’ expertise, and information, but most of all their passion for children’s experiences in nature. It is a seasonal delight!

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[The Play Outdoors magazine] is really beautiful with so many interesting articles. Don’t think me silly but I got emotional as I held it in my hand to read. It is such a treasure. You do so much wonderful work.

Bev W

I like the variety of voices:  academics, scholars, community members, educators; each voice has a unique offering, and each speaks passionately about outdoor play. I also appreciate the tangible ideas of how to bring more outdoor play to our unique contexts, no matter the

Krystle H

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The Play Outdoors Magazine: Exploring Outdoor Experiences in the Early Years was launched in March 2021.

The publication is devoted to sharing articles and ideas about the importance of outdoor play in the lives of children, from a variety of perspectives and writers.

Children who have exposure to nature and unique outdoor play experiences across the seasons have opportunities to connect with nature and thrive in their development in many ways.

This magazine is intended to be a resource for adults who influence children’s experiences, play, and learning.